24 Hour Service Dispatch

What We Do:


Shoreline provides a variety of towing services to meet all of our clients needs. In the event of an accident or a break down, our 24-hours emergency service will dispatch a truck to recover your vehicle. We are able to retrieve vehicles that have left the road, and we can transport damaged vehicles. If your issue is mechanical, we can transport your car directly to your mechanic, or it can be brought back to your house. Our experienced professionals will make sure that we use the right equipment, and can get the job done without causing further damage to your car. We are experienced in recovering vehicles from all kinds of environments, whether it be within the city limits our off road.

Shoreline is happy to provide scheduled services for less-urgent situations. We can haul exotic cars to shows, transport projects, or haul vehicles to or from your favorite mechanic. No matter what kind of towing needs you have, give us a call to find out what we can do for you.

Roadside Assistance

Car won’t start? Don’t feel like it’s safe to drive? Don’t take the risk! Our roadside assistance service is designed to help road users address problems with their vehicle. We address simple problems on a daily basis. Whether somebody has locked the keys in their car or blown a tire, our drivers have helped countless people out of a tight spot. Other times, we might be tackling a more complex problem like diagnosing a no-start condition or checking alignment. While we can’t fix every problem on the spot, sometimes having a second set of eyes is worth a shot before you roll the car to a mechanic.

Common Questions About Our Services

We respond to our clients needs. For this reason, we never really felt like adhering to a strict list of services. If you need a tow truck but aren't sure if we'll be able to help you, just give us a call! More often than not, we're able to give our clients a hand with whatever they need.

How Much Can You Tow?

We have a variety of trucks available to suit all kinds of tasks. From compact commuter cars to heavy equipment, we've done it all! For some of the more challenging jobs, our response time depends primarily on availability, as we only have a few heavy duty tow trucks available. If you're able to call ahead, we should have no problems meeting your deadlines.

Do  you offer long distance towing?

We serve our clients all over vancouver island! No matter where you're off to, we'll always do our best to get you where you're going. Be sure to let our representative know what locations you'll need us to deliver to, so we can make the proper arrangements. Rates can vary depending on location.

Where are you located?

We currently have two locations. Our main office is in Victoria, and we also have some vehicles on standby in Nanaimo.

Usually, we're able to service clients outside of these locations. In the event that it's not cost effective to come to you, we do work with many owner-operators so we can usually refer you to somebody who can help.

Why Was My Vehicle Was Impounded?

We don't do any private impounds! In fact, we don't even have an impound lot. However, there is one exception where we may have to impound a vehicle. BC law requires that any car operated by an intoxicated driver, or with severe safety issues, must be impounded. If we respond to an accident, the police may require that we take the vehicle to the provincial impound lot. In these situations, we're always happy to work with you to help you understand your rights and know what to do next.